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Our Christmas report and more free printables

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  One of my best gifts was opening the mail. I LOVE Christmas cards and was so tickled pink when I found my silly doodles on friends' Christmas cards. I actually got a little teary eyed. :) Thank you for that wonderful honor. 

WARNING: This next part might make me look like the coolest mom ever . . . just wanted to warn you. :) After we opened all the presents I handed our kids their last present, a Christmas treasure hunt, a slip of paper that had their first clue. They spent the next 10 minutes running around the house finding clue after clue, and at each clue they found a bag of laminated puppets. Some they had seen before, like the mermaids, princesses and pirates, but the rest of them I had kept secret. 

The final clue led them to a puppet theater (an expandable pole holding a sheet that you put in a door frame). Isn't it awesome? My mom made it, I swear she has a hidden wand that she uses to "wa-la" transform anything into som…

Paper puppets (pirate, cowboy & fairy) Free Printables

*** Thanks everyone for your support and for finding me! This post has become my most popular, and most viewed. I updated these puppets so they download easier and with better quality. Also I added some mermaids & space robots puppets. Click here for updated puppets
Merry Christmas friends & family!  I drew the following paper puppets for my sister-in-law for Christmas. She is going to laminate them before taping to popsicle sticks so they last a little longer. 
I hope you enjoy these free printables. (Click on image and save to your computer. Make sure to scale to correct size before printing).

And/or you can print them off with no color and have your kids color them. (I'm totally an ink hog, and am very choosy in what I print in color, so I try offer everything in color and black & white). 

Because I have no skills with a sewing machine my mom is helping me make this puppet theater. By helping, I mean I sit next to her and talk her leg off while she sews. 
Ours wont…

Themed Family Pictures

A month or so ago I asked for some volunteers to try some different ideas. Thanks to these wonderful friends who let me experiment on them. 
HAWAIIAN THEME I love this beautiful family. I think this really fits their wonderful, wonderful family!!

PIRATE THEME My good friend Shelley has the cutest kids that were pirates this year for Halloween. Aren't they adorable! (Captain Hook & Mr. Smee)  Here is my version. I tried to keep the colors the same so the boys would recognize themselves. And their little sister, I made her a little older looking.
Analia's family was also pirates for Halloween, and I LOVED her costume.  Here is my version, I added a peg leg and an eye patch to Seth (who for some reason my husband called Jason for months before we finally corrected him, you are not the first person my husband has done this to) :)

And the Simpson family. I don't have a Halloween picture for you, but just imagine the cutest little red head boy and that is their adorable son. …

Each family is unique

I usually sit down to draw a basic family picture, but it never comes out that way. No family is "basic" even if we have the same number of siblings, or same hair color as someone else's family, that doesn't make our families the same. We are each unique, however there are some "basic" things I believe all families have in common. Real love, wonderful humor, inside-jokes, weird mannerisms, and support (such as I-can-make-fun-of-my-sibling-but-if-anyone-else-does-I'll-kick-their-trash.) Ahh, I love families.  There was my deep thought for the day. 
I hope you enjoy these wonderfully unique families.

Two cute boys alone would make an awesome picture. But then Kaylin said  "As far as hobbies go, if you did something with computers that would be funny. To say my husband likes computers would be an understatement."  I tried to draw her husband's company "Scion Computer Systems" logo (a circle flame) on his laptop. Cute, cute family Kaylin!…

A family collage

I have a couple family pictures I have been asked to work on for Christmas cards or gifts that I am aching to show, but I don't want to spoil the surprise, in case relatives or friends see the pictures before Christmas, but this one I received permission to show early. I did change the name just in case. 
I'm not sure what I should categorize it? A family collage, an active family, etc? 
This awesome girl won a giveaway at my friend Ashley's blog flats to flip flops, and wanted a family picture that described each of her siblings. She sent me a few lines of each person in her family describing their looks and hobbies. 
From left to right: litte brother (buzzed hair and loves camouflage), big sister (long dark hair, loves creative clothes and photography), little sister (dark hair, declared princess, loves animals and has a fish), Dad (a pastor, who is pretty awesome from all her descriptions), little sister (blond, loves princesses, and a stuffed horse she adores), mom (wonde…

A Thanksgiving Treat (free printables)

I think we are all bias toward our schools, but I really think I went to the best elementary school. My first memory of Thanksgiving was in kindergarten, I was dressed up as a pilgrim in the exact outfit I drew below, and was eating hot lunch for the first time. The lunch lady, Mrs. Butters, used an ice cream scoop and slapped a huge scoop of white ice cream on my plate. I was so excited. I sat down and dived into that first bite of vanilla ice cream only to find out it was steaming hot instant mashed potatoes. My mouth was burnt for the rest of the day. I distinctly remember trying to justify my dumb action with "Why would you scoop mashed potatoes with an ice cream scoop?" and "My mom's mashed potatoes definitely don't look like that!" 
That being said . . .  Happy Thanksgiving. 
I think I enjoyed drawing this picture a little too much.  My husband calls this the "PG Rated" version. My favorite parts are the adorable braids, the bonnet (that was so …

Shelly - throwing up rainbows

I have a wonderful friend who was my roommate in college. She is gorgeous, from Missouri and very proud of her blunt honesty. She doesn't sugar coat things and will tell you how it is. I love her tons! She was exactly what I needed at the time and she still is my go to person when I need an honest opinion.  
So, I recently received this note from her, 
"I would love a family picture, but you know me, it's gotta be funny and not something that screams ooey gooey I love my life and beautiful angels so much I want to throw up rainbows and tulips and homemade bread all over everything (though I'm sure I do, when I remind myself to remember!!....the first part...not the rainbows and bread part.)"
I laughed so hard and then drew this picture for her. I need to make a few adjustments, but here it is so far. Her husband is a police man (I helped get them together!) My husband said this is my best picture yet, I am pretty partial to it too. 

flats to flip flops giveaway

My good friend Ashley has a wonderful fashion blog called flats to flip flops. She is doing a giveaway this week, and guess what it is? A custom personalized family portrait or a set of cards by Spring Time Treats. That's me! I'm feeling pretty cool today. 
If you want to enter her giveaway go to her blog, become a follower, and then comment below her post telling which product you would choose (a family portrait or set of cards). 
A quick story about Ashley. We had moved to a new neighborhood and shortly after we had our baby boy. I still didn't know my neighbors very well and Ashley and another neighbor were the first ones to show up with some dinner (spaghetti, salad, rolls and cookies - I totally still remember). It meant so much to me. That day my husband and little girl got the flu and I spent the next day taking care of a new born, and two sick people. Hence, no one could eat the full pan of spaghetti except me and I remember enjoying it all, and feeling a little g…

Introducing Spring Time CARDS and my Etsy shop

With wonderful encouragement from you guys, I have finally opened up an Etsy shop. My link is to the right. 
I'm so exited to share these cards. Some are new, but most are cards I have made and given to family on special occasions (so some of you might recognize these).

They also come without color so you can color them how you like. 
Congratulations cards on new baby & pregnancy. (I so love the "new bump" card)

 More Congratulations (wedding & new home)

Get Well and Happy Birthday 

Congratulations on Graduating 
Thank You!
And my personal favorites!
 Each card is blank inside with a black border, and has my logo on the back. 
 They even come wrapped. Aww . .  I already have my first customer . . . well . . it's my sister, does that count?

Sports theme

This year my husband said enough is enough and bought us all Boise State shirts that we are required to wear on game days. So far only he and our son have faithfully worn their shirts. Our little three year old, with his limited vocabulary, will yell "Boise State" when he sees anyone with the blue and orange logo on their clothes, while this is embarrassing for me, the people in the store will proudly high-five him.
So I understand this sports-theme-family-love. 

Emily and her beautiful family love the Colts. I grew up around Emily's family, and along with her they are some of the sweetest & kindest people ever. 

Some BYU fans

Challis & Josh live in Boston and so it's obvious why they love the Red Sox. I LOVE these two. They are smart, truly kind to everyone around them, and so hilarious! I remember sitting next to Challis in government, our senior year of high school, and she would talk about how she just wanted to go on a date with Josh, well they did go o…

Happy Halloween printable

I had so many things to do last night and instead I found myself doodling children in halloween costumes. Why? Because Halloween is AWESOME!   
I hope you have fun coloring this free printable  (Click on the picture and save to your computer, make sure to scale to size before printing)
That witch is pretty stinkin awesome, huh? I'm just a little proud of myself. Our little boy is going to be Superman for Halloween this year and I spent way too long practicing that Superman symbol. 

I found this cute Boo Hoo at Pinterest here, and I wanted to make my own version. 

Halloween is seriously awesome, and kids only make it more fun! Um . .  and someone was a little excited to be pippi longstockings. :)
This is my all-time-favorite picture. We often only take pictures of the good times, and then throw out the unflattering pictures, when really we should take pictures of the rotten and unpleasant times so when we look back through our photo albums we will have pictures as awesome as this …