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I have perhaps one of the cutest little girls around. She loves to make paper dolls and I find her in a mess of paper, scissors, tape and coloring pencils almost daily. We wanted to share our paper dolls or I guess you might call them puppets since we put them on popsicle sticks, shish kabob sticks, pencils, or whatever we have on hand. 

Our two themes were Prince and Princess and Mermaids. At the last minute my equally awesome little boy wanted to get involved but did not want to play with mermaids. I couldn't make him a merman because they look ridiculous, I'm serious, they do . . . so we made him a shark. Yep, we're pretty sick. So either the shark is a friend or he is starving for some delicious mermaids. :)

Here is your free printable. Click on the picture and print, make sure it is scaled to full size before you print. I am working on attaching a PDF file, that would work so much better, but for now here you go. 

And you can't forget your free mermaid and hungry shark printable. Click on the picture and print, make sure it is scaled to full size before you print. 
We had a great day!

Anything can be a make-shift-stage. 

Let me know what your little girls and shark-loving boys thought of the puppets/paper dolls. What are some more ideas for paper puppets?


  1. I would love to see animal paper puppets!! I love this blog you're so awesome! How cool of you to share your talent, bc believe me lady, that's a talent!

  2. You are so talented, Spring! I love your creations! Thanks for sharing them. My little girl will have a hay-day with them! :)

  3. I laughed when I noticed the modest mermaids.

  4. Spring, you and your family are so awesome!! We miss you guys! It definitely is a talent, and you are blessed with many of them!! Hope all is well with you guys!

  5. These are TOTALLY marketable. I'm so glad you started this blog! I didn't notice the mermaids were modest until reading Chaun's comment, but now that I see it, my heart is won. You rock. Thanks for sharing your awesomeness with the world!

  6. You are such a cute little momma! My girls will love these! Thank you Spring!

  7. Ha - I hadn't noticed the modest mermaid outfits until the comment either, but I can promise my girls would have noticed immediately! Thank you for that. And thank you for all of your delightful puppets. I can't wait to show the boys the robots too and fear multiple sets of pirates are in store around here because girls and boys alike are going to be wanting them! (We're kind of on a pirate kick right now, Argh!) Thank you SO much!

  8. Thank you so much for the pirate and mermaid puppet graphics. I cant wait to set up a coloring station at my daughters upcoming under the sea 4th birthday bash :)

    1. Thank you for your kind comment! What a fun birthday idea! Let me know if you have trouble downloading the printables and I can e-mail them to you. Thanks again!

  9. These are just wonderful, thank you so much for making these terrific puppets available to everyone. I particularly like that there are 2 versions, so that kids [and grown ups] have the option of personalising their figures. My suggestion would be for you to make a series of traditional fairy tale puppets, they could be used either to tell traditional fairy tales, or to make up completely new ones [eg using your fab robots]


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