Our Christmas report and more free printables

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. 
One of my best gifts was opening the mail. I LOVE Christmas cards and was so tickled pink when I found my silly doodles on friends' Christmas cards. I actually got a little teary eyed. :) Thank you for that wonderful honor. 

WARNING: This next part might make me look like the coolest mom ever . . . just wanted to warn you. :)
After we opened all the presents I handed our kids their last present, a Christmas treasure hunt, a slip of paper that had their first clue. They spent the next 10 minutes running around the house finding clue after clue, and at each clue they found a bag of laminated puppets. Some they had seen before, like the mermaids, princesses and pirates, but the rest of them I had kept secret. 

The final clue led them to a puppet theater (an expandable pole holding a sheet that you put in a door frame). Isn't it awesome? My mom made it, I swear she has a hidden wand that she uses to "wa-la" transform anything into something amazing.

The captive audience. 

The day before Christmas I decided our little boy needed some more boy puppets so I quickly put together these Space Robots. They have been his favorite, hope you like them too. (Click on the image and save to your computer, make sure to scale to correct size before printing)

I added color to the mermaids and princesses and wanted to share them with you. (Same instructions, click on the image and save to your computer, make sure to scale to correct size before printing) 

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too! 


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