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LDS ABCs app

This is an exciting day for me! About 6 weeks ago I was approached by a company making a LDS ABC coloring app and asked if I would draw the pictures for them. Yesterday the app was officially launched. Click here for the link. The app is called LDS ABCs.

These are some of the screenshot previews

I wanted to write down some of my thoughts on the process:

- While I am so excited about this, and proud of the work I was able to do, I also want anyone that follows my blog to know that my work is not only for member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or also known as LDS / Mormons. I love my faith, and I feel it brings me closer to God, but I never want it to make anyone feel excluded. This blog and my doodles are for all!

- Second, I was a little nervous for this project because I had never drawn a beard before and they needed a few pictures of Jesus, Moses, Noah, etc and well . . . from every picture I have seen they all have beards. So I practiced and practiced and pract…

Christmas Nativity printable

My heart has been very full these past few weeks. I think it a combination of several things,

-Holding my sweet newborn,  -Listening to wonderful music, especially this beautiful song by Piano Guys, I play it on repeat over and over again, 

-And thinking about Christmas. 
As I unpack my Christmas decorations there is one piece that I look forward to the most and unwrap with care. It is the nativity set I grew up with as a child. I would spend many evenings carefully rearranging the wise men, deciding who should be in front, fluffing the gold tinsel  and making sure you could see baby Jesus. 

My mom made this when she was a young mother and she passed it on to me my first year of marriage. It is one of the most precious things I own. 

I think one of the best things my mom did, was a small thing but to me it was a big thing, she let me play with her nativity. The poor donkey's ear was broken many times and mended just as many. But it was special to me and focused my time on the sto…

For Sarah & Brooke


Clothespin Turkey

UPDATE: This little Clothespin Turkey has become quite popular, especially on pinterest. I have had quite a few people e-mail me having trouble downloading the printable. This post has actual links where you can download. You are also always welcome to e-mail and I can send you the printable. Thanks!

Are you looking for a Thanksgiving activity? Look no further my friends. A Clothespin Turkey will solve almost any problem. Except cooking that darn turkey, something I have avoided and will continue to avoid until I die. 
Materials: -some cute kids -markers or crayons -scissors -glue stick  -clothespins
-Color your turkey. -You could even write what you are thankful for on the feathers. -Cut turkey, feathers and legs out. -Glue the feathers to the back. -Glue the legs to the clothespin. They do stick, just hold the legs on to the pin for a few extra seconds. 
And wa-la!
And then make your turkey do the turkey trot!
Here is your free printable.  Click on the picture and save to your comput…

Baby Nursery Room - Animals

Our sweet baby girl, and third child, was born a few weeks ago. I wanted her room to be decorated in giraffes but once I started drawing animals I couldn't stop. I guess her room is now a safari/zoo theme. 
When I was looking for quotes to put with the animal doodles I found this one from Winnie the Pooh. It was perfect. 
"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart."
When I held my baby for the first time I was overwhelmed with how small and perfect she was. Every detail was there, only in miniature size. From the fuzz on her ears, to the creases in the hands and feet. 
Truly, how can something so small take up the most room in your heart?
If you like any of these pictures I have them available on my etsy shop
I also stumbled upon this quote from Charles Dickens, 
"It is not a slight thing when they, who are so fresh from God, love us." 
I never feel closer to Heaven than when I hold a new baby.
I adore these hippos.  Earlier this year …

Don't Eat Pete free Halloween printable

One of our favorite games ever is Don't Eat Pete. We recently played it and had so much fun that I decided to make my own Halloween version. Something about eating candy as fast as you can before everyone around you yells "Don't Eat Pete" really gets my adrenaline running. 
Such a great game for any Halloween party, family night, date night, etc. Seriously, I could play this game every night.  
(Click on picture and save to your computer. Make sure to scale it to the correct size before printing)
That monster kid is pretty cute and that Raccoon hat . .  come on that is pretty sweet right? 

If your kids or you want to color it, here is coloring page printable also.  (Click on picture and save to your computer. Make sure to scale it to the correct size before printing)

This also makes a great gift too. Print out both the game board and the instructions and then laminate the instructions to the back of the game board printout. Tie it together with a package of M&Ms o…

A little break . . . will be back soon

Just wanted to let you know my etsy shop will be closed for a few weeks while we have our new little baby girl. 

(My husband finds my large tummy quite funny and calls me his little basketball, but last week he informed me that I have moved up to a beach ball) :)
I have been working on a couple pictures for the baby's room. It was my first time drawing animals.  I will share more soon. 

Hope everyone has a great couple weeks!  And thanks for checking out my blog, I love your comments! - Spring Time