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For my mom

I have an awesome mom. (My parents and four older siblings. Isn't my mom beautiful?) All moms are pretty fantastic but did your mom make you matching pants for you and your younger brother? Don't forget the matching hair bow. Besides her mad sewing skills my mom could also cook. Her birthday cakes were the best. My favorite was the butterfly cake for my 6th birthday. (My teenage sister styled my awesome bangs) Okay, sure maybe your mom could sew and bake, BUT (I am determined to win this Best-Mom-Contest), did your mom own her own motorcycle? Okay, okay, maybe your mom sewed, baked and road a motorcycle, it's not unheard of, but did she spend her weekends in a cave? My parents were cavers. On the weekends they explored caves and surveyed them. As children we tagged along on the easy caves. I loved finding tight spaces and squishing myself into the smallest cracks.  I'm probably 8 here in the red helmet, with a family friend and his sons.

sticker chart & warm fuzzie jar

What is it about stickers?   Doctors obvious know their power since every doctor's office hands them out like bandaids or candy. I have a little girl who is a people pleaser, all I have to do is ask, and she will do, my little boy on the other hand has no desire to please . . . BUT for a  sticker  he will do anything! Here is a chore chart I put together for my little ones. If this works for you feel free to use. (Click on picture and save to computer, make sure it is scaled to correct size before printing) Hopefully the pictures are self explanatory, but if not . . . BED - Make bed / clean room CLOTHES - Put on clothes / dirty clothes in hamper PLATE - Try everything on plate / put dishes away, and that cute bear is a vitamin TOILET - PLEASE oh PLEASE flush and wash your hands GIRL/BOY - We unfortunately have a thumb sucker and a potty mouth in our family. The potty words are seriously "potty" words like "You're a poopy head!" She/he ea