sticker chart & warm fuzzie jar

What is it about stickers? Doctors obvious know their power since every doctor's office hands them out like bandaids or candy.

I have a little girl who is a people pleaser, all I have to do is ask, and she will do, my little boy on the other hand has no desire to please . . . BUT for a sticker he will do anything!

Here is a chore chart I put together for my little ones.

If this works for you feel free to use. (Click on picture and save to computer, make sure it is scaled to correct size before printing)

Hopefully the pictures are self explanatory, but if not . . .

BED - Make bed / clean room
CLOTHES - Put on clothes / dirty clothes in hamper
PLATE - Try everything on plate / put dishes away, and that cute bear is a vitamin
TOILET - PLEASE oh PLEASE flush and wash your hands
GIRL/BOY - We unfortunately have a thumb sucker and a potty mouth in our family. The potty words are seriously "potty" words like "You're a poopy head!" She/he earns a sticker for not sucking thumb and no potty words. They have very few stickers on that line. (If you don't have a thumb sucker, the girl looks like she is saying "shhhhh - no bad words" hopefully you have potty mouths in your home too, for this sticker chart I mean) 
TOYS - Pick up toys and crafts
HEART - Be kind, especially to each other.

When the whole chart is filled they earn their goal, recently it is the dollar store (whoot-whoot, oh ya we know how to spoil our kids in style. Actually I admit, there are some pretty weird and cool things at a dollar store, like car parts, seriously!)

But sometimes the stickers loose their desire. So we made these Warm Fuzzie Jars.

What are warm fuzzies? They're
 technically pom poms you can purchase at a craft store or walmart inside a large mason jar. We call them warm fuzzies because they are good acts performed during the day that hopefully make my children feel all warm and fuzzie inside.

I actually like the warm fuzzies jars more than the sticker chart because the "chore" doesn't have to be on the list. Through out the day I can say, "Whoever picks up all these blocks in under 5 seconds gets 2 warm fuzzies." And once again our little boy will do anything for a warm fuzzie!

Before bed the kids beg to know how many warm fuzzies they earned that day, and then they pick out their favorite colors.

If you like this idea here is a template with 8 different child faces. I left the hair blank so you can color it your child's hair color. (Click on picture and save to computer, make sure it is scaled to correct size before printing)

These warm fuzzies could be used for your children or your classroom. 
Below are some attached to small mason jars. I use tape or hot glue to attach the card stock. 

And if these two ideas do not radically change your child's behavior . . . well then . . . sorry, they are only stickers, pom poms, and stick figures, not magic beans. Although I wonder what magic beans would do to your child?


  1. Thanks for sharing. Can I pin ths on Pinterest?

    1. Of course Jennifer, you are welcome to pin anything on pinterest. Thanks for the comments, I love them! - Spring

  2. SPRING! I have been looking for a chart like this for my kiddos! So great! Thanks!


  3. This is soooo cute! I will make some, Thank you so much!

  4. I love these warm fuzzies! I want my LO to learn to love to do the right thing and want to extend grace at the same time. To me, I want it to be more about what she DID do than what she didn't do - hence why I love the warm fuzzie jar idea vs. the chore chart. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

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