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Moving cards

We recently moved . . . again. In the past three years we have moved three times, but this time I believe it is permanent. Ya!! My husband always tries to have us move ourselves, but after our last move I made him promise that he would ask for help on our next move. So last month when we were gearing up for another move I was a very happy lady when he asked some friends for help. He used me as an excuse saying, "well since Spring is pregnant I guess she can't move the fridge this time." In what would usually take us several hours to load up a truck they did in under an hour. I didn't know how to express my thanks enough to our friends and family . . .  so I made a card.  Whenever I draw a picture I usually go through quite a few rough drafts. Most I quickly throw away laughing at myself, and then narrow it down to a few. Here are a couple of my rough drafts I kept that I thought you might like to see.  Rough draft #1: Hum .. . . that mouth look

Some sweet family portraits

It's been a little while, or a lot while, since I have posted last, but I wanted to share these pictures I was asked to draw for some super sweet families these past few months.  My friend Sara asked me to draw a picture for her adorable girls' "papa" or grandpa. He's always in a cowboy hat and mustache. I really like to draw mustaches. :) And then one for their daddy.  Another wonderful family. I love to draw little ties on little boys.   My sisters's birthday was coming up and I asked her what she would like and she said, "Well, you've drawn a family picture for almost everyone, where is mine?" Oops sorry. :) Here is my sweet sister's family with her 2 teenage daughters, one who is graduating from high school and the other who loves soccer.  This picture is very appropriate considering the 4th of July is in a few days. A lady asked me to draw her 6 children in red, white & blue. She was going to take thi