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Reading Chart - free printable

UPDATE: I updated my reading chart and posted the new one here . It has better squares and looks more like a board game.  I originally made this for my kids for a "summer reading chart" but by the time I got around to finishing it school was about to start.  Lucky me, we can still use it because my little first grader daughter has to read for 15 minutes every night.  I personally struggled with reading as a young child. I specifically remember being in first grade and sitting at the kitchen counter, while my mom was cooking dinner, and I was trying desperately to read a basic "Spot the Dog" book and breaking down into tears because I couldn't do it. Reading was so frustrating. Today I love to read and always have a book close by, but I'm still a slow reader, but that's fine with me, it means I can enjoy the book longer. :)  So if you need some motivation to help your little readers I made these reading charts / board games. I love how