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DIY Earring Display Frame

My blog is about stick figures, so you might be asking "where are the stick figures?" Well . . . I just finished this simple project and was so proud of myself that I wanted to share it. Sorry, no doodles on this post.  I have a problem, I like big dangle earrings! My husband loves to tease me and calls them my "fishing lures."  But a bigger problem is I leave them all over the house.   It's so sad when I loose a pair.  So I decided to make a earring display frame that I have seen at craft fairs.  Step 1: Materials SCREEN: I originally wanted to use an old window screen but I never found one, so I bought this roll of screen fiberglass at walmart. It was around $5.00. I didn't want to spend that much but there is SO MUCH material in the roll that I can make a couple dozen more for gifts or share with friends.  And  FRAME: Old frame or dollar store frame, take out the glass and the cardboard back. I spray painted my

a fun pregnancy announcement on cupcakes

Last week I received an e-mail from an awesome lady, Erica, asking me to help her announce her pregnancy to her family. It's especially exciting because it will be the first grandchild in her family.  She wanted stick figures of her parents, sister & husband, parents-in-law and brother-in-law with labels of "grandparents" and "aunt & uncle." And the most important part was for her stick figure to show her pregnant tummy with the announcement of "baby April 2013." These are the little stick figures I made and then attached them to kabob sticks . .  . . . and the backs  I mailed these little guys to Erica and then she put them in some yummy cupcakes and presented them to her family.  I can just imagine their faces as they looked at their stick figures and then read "grandma & grandpa" or "aunt & uncle" and then saw Erica's stick figure belly announcing the due date.  Man those c