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Animal love cards

I adore Valentine's Day.  I know, I know some don't like it, but I think it's a wonderful day.  Growing up I didn't have lots of boyfriends . . or really any.  Embarrassing fact, my husband was my first boyfriend, and last. :) So yep, there were many, actually every Valentine's Day before my husband, that I sighed just a little because there were no extravagant flowers or gifts sent to me. So why oh why did I love Valentine's Day? Two Reasons 1. Elementary school Valentine's Day parties are the BEST! Picking out your Valentine's Day cards, choosing who to give which card to, decorating your Valentine's Day box, and then carefully combing through all the Valentine's Day cards from classmates deciding if someone secretly liked you. :) and second reason. . .  2. Because I had a sweetheart mom who always left the best Valentine's Day notes in our room when we came home from school. Just a simple note with a Valentine