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A birthday note for my mom

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, and so naturally I have been thinking about her. If you want to learn more about this wonderful lady here is a post I wrote about her last year for her birthday. This is a bit longer post than normal but this lady is a bit more special than most. At bed time my children always ask for a story, not a make-believe story, oh no, they want a real story, but not about me, they have grown tired of my awesome stories about my heroics and adventures.  What do they want? They want stories about their Grandma growing up on the ranch. From the bull chasing her and pinning her little brother, to the pitch fork in her sister's foot, to playing in the creek. They are fantastic stories, that I use to beg to hear, heck, even now I love to hear them.  However there was a downside to this. Because my mom grew up on a ranch that meant she knew how to work, and oh how she could work circles around us. If we were lazy and whining she would let us know t