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England postcard

Break out your tea party set and Mary Poppins movie, my good friend moved to England. Her husband was just stationed there and this will be her new home for a while. Okay, okay, she has two little boys so maybe not a tea party.  My friend asked me to make her some postcards that she could mail to her family.  I'm so happy with how these turned out. It still means a lot when people ask me to draw their family, thank you! And I had to include a picture with the flowers my little girl picked for me, she is quite the flower arranger.  Best of luck to you Chadwick family!!  Wishing you lots of sunny days,  not getting stuck in too many roundabouts and perhaps seeing a royal person or two.  And hoping you all come home with fabulous British accents!

Brothers & Super Hero poster

A while back I wrote a  post  about my older brothers, and made a brother printable. I was never super fond of the printable it but I loved the quote. I asked my good friend Dana from MyPoshDesign to help design the wording (subway art.) Isn't she great? Take a look at her work here .    This 8x10 / 16x20 poster print is available at my etsy shop (high resolution digital printable) Brothers are pretty awesome, and to prove that I have 3 examples of brothers. 1. This is my little boy & girl (they almost look like twins but my daughter is 2 years older). Is it embarrassing how proud I am to finally be a soccer mom? I'm sure I wont by the end of the summer.  When our son was two years old he would yell and grunt, like little toddlers do, and we would have no idea what he said or wanted. Our daughter would say, "he said he wants goldfish crackers" or "he said he wants his blocks." We have no idea how she could do it, but 9 out 10 times