"I'm BORED" chart & Summer Service Chart

How's your summer going? 

Have your kids said "I'm bored" yet? Don't lie, you know they have at least 5 times today already. 

I saw this BORED checklist here (Becky at I Lift Heavy Things) and loved the idea. I asked her if I could make my own doodle version and she so kindly agreed.

So here is the idea.

Before your little ones can say "I'm bored" they have to stop and think . . 
Have I . . .
Been creative?
Outside play?
Read a book?
Done something helpful?

(Get it? It spells BORED!)

If they answer yes to all the above then they can come to you and you can help them find something.

Here is your free printable
(Click on image, save to computer, & make sure to scale to correct size before printing)

And when my little ones get stumped on what is something helpful they could do I found this awesome service chart here (Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy) and asked her if I could made my own doodle version and Lindsey was also super kind and said yes.

Here is another free printable
(Click on image, save to computer, & make sure to scale to correct size before printing)

My little boy wanted to know why he was drawn holding flowers, he was not stoked on that idea. But I explained that boys bring flowers to girls of course. He felt better after that. 

And if these ideas don't help, then you could always do what my awesome mom would do. She would say, "If you say you're bored I'll find something for you to do." And it almost always involved washing walls. 

I sure love my little guys, and want them to have an awesome summer.
If this picture from the museum is any guess to how their summer is going then I think it's already been a success.

Check out my free summer reading chart here.

If you ever have trouble printing any of my free printables feel free to e-mail me and I can e-mail you the file directly. Thanks!


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