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Update and Thanksgiving fun ideas

This time of year is hard to post because even though I'm working my little fingers to the bone drawing I can't share most of the projects I'm working on because they are gifts for Christmas, or are still in the development stages.  But here are a couple hints, I finished a big project that well . . . I can't tell you much about, but it involved drawing a lot of beards. Oh how I loved it. I drew my first Australian family picture for the nicest lady. She said to draw one of the boys holding a football and I asked her if she meant "American football" you know, the kind you throw, or soccer, the kind you kick. She responded "We have football here too, you know, the kind you throw." :) ha ha. I learn so much doing this. I'm finishing up another big project that is going to be really special to a grandma's grandchildren. And I'm really hoping to have enough time before Christmas to make a nativity project I have bee