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Nativity Blocks

 Merry (very late) Christmas! I saw these nativity blocks last Christmas and wanted to make my own. However, I didn't have time to make them until a few days before Christmas. That is why we are discussing Christmas in January, lucky you! I planned these in my mind for a whole year and was so excited for them. But sometimes when you have something in mind that long, it's hard to live up to your expectations. I like how it turned out, but I feel like it still needs some work. Not sure what it is. Maybe the wood is too dark, maybe I should use white? Maybe my drawings should be a little wider to fill up the 2x4 wood. Maybe I have too many people in the nativity. hum . . .  I (and by I, I mean my dad and and his awesome power tools) cut the 2x4s to varying heights, from 2 1/2" high for the sheep and baby Jesus, 4" for Mary and one wise man, and 5" for most the others. I think the star is 7 or 9". I then lightly painted the wood brown and

Exciting announcement - Bible app coming soon!

UPDATE: Bible app has been released! Check it out here ! Also a free version here ! (lots of exclamation marks because I'm so exited.) Happy New Year! I am excited for this new year! 2 years ago I shared this Be Happy poster around New Years that I still love and still think about often. Exciting news . . . .  remember that LDS ABCs app I drew the pictures for? I just heard from them and they told me that between the free app and the paid app they had over 10,000 downloads. I can't believe it. I am so happy for all their hard working putting the app together and hope lots of little children are having fun coloring my little doodles. Well, they asked me to draw the pictures for their new da . . ta . . da  . . . Bible app! It's coming soon! I am really excited. I think I love these pictures even more. Here is a sneak peak.  Daniel and the lion's den. My 6 year son let me know that these lions are not scary enough.  These pictures for the bible app took 3