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Not your average Valentine's Day card

Valentine's day is around the corner, like literally in 2 days. Remember my  love cards from last year, and my animal love cards ? The animal love cards link has a free printable, oh ya! But this year instead of lovey-dovey-make-me-puke-if-I-read-one-more-love-card, I decided to make cards that show love for all things not just mushy boyfriends / girlfriends / husbands / wives. Now let's be honest . . Valentine's day is 2 days away. Kind of hard to mail these out in time. BUT if you are in my local area (Idaho Falls to Rexburg, Idaho) use the code LOCAL when buying a card on etsy and you get free shipping. As in I will delivery it to your home with a smile, maybe even a hug if I know you. :)  But honestly, I made these cards for myself so I could giggle in the middle of the night while I drew. Hope you enjoy. Happiness is riding my bike. Your healthy heart may even thank you for loving your bike so much (Etsy shop link) Oh cats, how you fill out he

Custom family stick figure pictures

In December I worked my little fingers to the bone drawing my "customer family portraits." Oh how my great grandmothers would be ashamed of my description of hard work. They spent hours washing clothes by hand, cooking from scratch, and working the farm. But hey! My right hand had several sore calluses.   Now that Christmas is over I can unveil some of these doodle portraits with permission from the families.  Most of the time I never meet the people who ask me to draw their families. They usually send me a picture and a description. I always say the more details the better. I can't always fit in every hobby, job, interest, etc but I sure try. After several hours of sketching, re-sketching, editing and final touches I feel like I know these families, and would love to be a fly on the wall in their home and see if I captured their personalities.  So without further ado I'd like to introduce you to these marvelous families.   The Martin family loves the