Lego men coloring page

Lego fever has hit my home, and my poor feet are trying to recover from stepping on them. Also the song from the movie is stuck in my head "Everything is awesome . . " Rad, now I'll be singing it all day.

I found this lego man clipart on flicker. This guy has awesome pictures of star wars lego men. I give him full credit. I can draw stick figures, but don't have lego skills. :)

My kids always wanted to draw more than one, so I made multiple ones on one page.  

Click on image and save to computer or click here to download

Click on image and save to computer or click here to download

Today's cold-yucky-thank-you-Idaho weather turned into hours of coloring awesome lego men. They plan on cutting them out into paper puppets and taping to popsycle sticks. 

Let me retract that last statement . . .  not just lego MEN, but also lovely lego WOMEN!

Is it just me or does the "good" guy look more evil than the "bad" guy? 

Our son has a thing with drawing angry faces. I found this picture he colored in Sunday School and when I questioned him he replied "What? My teacher said Jesus doesn't care what your face looks like." Later that night my husband and I laughed until we cried and then high-fived. We got this parenting thing down. 


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