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How I draw a custom family portrait

I am often asked how I draw my pictures.  Short version . . . A regular custom detailed family portrait takes between 3-8+ hours. Usually one or two hours sketching and re-sketching. Then I scan the picture into my computer and start the editing process (about 1 to 2 hours) where I clean up the picture and add color. When complete I e-mail the picture/proof to my client and we discuss any changes they need. A simple color change only takes a few minutes but sometimes the changes require a couple more hours of redrawing and tweaking. Sometimes depending on the research I need to do for a picture it can take longer.  I can sit and crank out a picture in one very long evening, but I like to take several days to work on it. I sketch it in one sitting and then come back to it another day with fresh eyes and I see changes I want to make. I usually ask for a week to finish a picture, so there is enough time for the customer and I to correspond a couple times, but I can speed up