FREE Christmas Don't Eat Pete

I have become known as the "Don't Eat Pete lady", and I can't think of a better thing to be known for. 

A wonderful gal Katie asked me if I had a Christmas version and I'm happy to have finally finished it. 

A couple things I love . . . Mrs. Claus's glasses, took me several tries to figure it out. And I love my elves and snowman, and penguin. Okay, I love them all. 

This would make a great neighbor gift too. Print and laminate (if you want), tie with a bag of M&Ms or other candy. Done!

Click here for Don't Eat Pete game in jpeg
Click here for Don't Eat Pete game in pdf
Click here for Don't Eat Pete instructions in jpeg
Click here for Don't Eat Pete instructions in pdf

You can also click on this image and save to computer

I'm almost done with my nativity paper puppets. I am so excited to share them soon!


  1. You saved me, Spring! Thanks for the adorable game! Love ya!

  2. Spring! I was looking at my old blog (like getting lost reading an old journal) and I saw a few comments you left and was reminiscing about our days at BYU-Idaho! How are you?? I love this blog and just downloaded "Don't Eat Pete." My girls are going to love it! Your art is amazing. I hope you are doing well!

  3. This is the cutest Don't Eat Pete Christmas version out there! Thanks for all of the legwork you put into it! Going to use it in my daughter's kindergarten class for an activity for their Christmas party.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I loved playing this game when I was a kid 20+ years ago, and now I'm about to share this with another generation. It's going to be a big hit at our next church party. I love how cute your version is, and I love that its entertaining with very little complexity to the rules.

  5. I'm using this for Reyna's preschool party. I have to come with two games. This is saving my life! :) Thanks!!

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