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be happy (free printable) & book review for Monica Sheehan

I have a confession. I don't like January. It's the pits. I have tried and tried but it's cold, dark and not cool. Not cool my friend.  I am usually a happy person who cracks myself up watching America's Funniest Home videos (best show ever) but some days (like in January) I have to work at it a little.  It is during these cold, dark days that I think of that little picture "be happy" by Monica Sheehan that I found 3 years ago.  I fell in love with it and found myself thinking about my own "be happy."   I used a couple of her ideas, (exercise, help others, limit tv), and then created a couple of my own. This is still one of my favorite pictures I've drawn. I updated my poster for you using a better editing program.  To download click on the following for jpeg or pdf format.  be happy JPEG be happy PDF Just last week I thought I about the original artist Monica Sheehan.  I looked her up and found some awesome

Custom family stick figure pictures

I love this part of the year . . . when I can finally share many of the pictures/portraits I drew during my busy Christmas season.  You can look at my first Christmas pictures I drew in 2011 and see I have come quite a ways. I hope it keeps getting better each year.  I thought this time I would share the comments my customers wrote when I sent them their picture. This is really why I draw pictures. I love how excited they get, and the way they express it over e-mail (usually lots of exclamations points!!!). I walk around my kitchen with a fat head for about 15 minutes and then go back to cleaning up spilled cheerios off the floor. Oh ya! The good life. This family asked me to draw their Christmas card. They couldn't all get together for a picture so this was the next best thing! "You are so incredibly talented! Love, love, love!! I am over the moon with our family Christmas Card you created!! I had high expectations and you far surpassed them!!" - Jones

2015 New Year Goals FREE printable

I saw this awesome 2014 Year in Review  printable from Skip to my Lou (she has mad skills), and wanted to make something like it but with 2015 goals.  (click on picture and save to computer) We sat down with the little kids today and colored . . . it got a little crazy. We tried a couple pictures . . . um . .  these were the best ones My 7 year old boy listed "Read chapter books, learn the drums better." That's right . . . drums. Our little boy saved for over a year for a drum set and we now have endless boom, boom, boom, noise here.  This cute 9 year old had a whole list of goals, "Learn to ride a longboard, become better at the piano, be nicer to others" etc.  Here's my goals (like my picnic table cloth shirt? I wasn't really going for that) My goals for 2015 1. Learn the step to have my cards publish at a card company 2. Lean how to submit art to my favorite magazine FRIEND 3. Take a local graphic design class