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Don't Eat Pete: Mullet Edition FREE

It's here, it's here! The solution to all your problems. Drum roll please . . .  
Don't Eat Pete: Mullet Edition
Last year I proudly shared this hilarious and hideous game board my husband drew for my etsy shop. It only cost a couple dollars on my etsy shop, and after talking to my husband, we decided to share this as a FREE printable for all to enjoy. It wasn't that long of a talk, "Hey, what do you think if we gave that Mullet Don't Eat Pete print away for FREE on my blog" . . . "What Mullet picture? Oh ya, that one. sure" 
Father's Day is in less than a week. Print on card stock and if you feel so inclined you can also laminate. Add with his favorite small candy and ta - da!! You nailed Father's Day. 
I hope you enjoy!
Click on picture and save to computer or click on links to download JPEG & PDF

Click on picture and save to computer or click on links to download JPEG & PDF
Don't know how to play Don't Eat Pete? My children d…

Father's Day cards

Father's Day is less than 2 weeks away. I was looking through my cards and realized some of my cards would work for Father's Day! 
Well . . . not to give to YOUR father, but more for a wife to give her husband. Because even though it's called "Father's" Day, we all know it's more like "Husband's" Day. :)

I LOVE YOU and your beard (etsy link)

I LOVE YOU more than ESPN (etsy link)
You're my favorite husband (etsy link)
I'd follow you anywhere . . . the view from behind is great (etsy link)

These next few really have nothing to do with fatherhood or being a husband, but they still crack me up.

Man with bike (etsy link)

Man with dog (etsy link)

And um . . . maybe you had a rough couple days and this might work better than a mushy card.  No judgment here. :) Sorry I bit your head off (etsy link)

And in a couple days I have something REALLY awesome I'm excited to share just in time for Father's Day!! Prepare yourself!