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family portraits - before and after - sketch process

These are some of the recent family portraits I have drawn. I have started to take pictures during the process. Sometimes I send the customer a quick picture of the portrait after I sketch it to get their approval before I add pen and finish editing on my computer. Lots easier to change anything (hair style, etc) when it's still just pencil.) To see the full process from beginning to end check out this post .   But mostly I love to take pictures during the process to see the before and after. Sometimes I love the pencil drawing even more than the "after" picture. :) This simple family picture is one of my favorites.  Another one of my favorites ever (yes, I have lots of favorites) I took this picture after I added pen to the sketch.  I LOVE when a client sends me a picture of their finished portrait in a frame. This sweet family was celebrating the dad's graduation from pharmacy school. They had a big party with this picture as

Paper Puppets FREE (Space Robots, Pirates, Cowboys, Fairies & Mermaids)

One of my first posts ever I shared some Pirate, Cowboy & Fairy paper puppets. It has become my most popular post with over 16,000 views. Wow. Thanks mom for viewing all those times. :). I have since slightly edited the puppets, and made them a little better quality to download. Click on picture to download to your computer or click on links to download JPEG or PDF. **Note: I sometimes do craft fairs (if you see me - wave, I'm super nervous at them) and I sell these paper puppets. You might be thinking, "What? They are free on her website!" I don't charge much, just enough cover the price to print in color and laminate. There are some people who want to save time and ink and pay a little for the kit. Just wanted to clarify. :)   Thanks for your support of this silly hobby of mine. To say thanks, I added some Space Robots. Whoot - Whoot! Click here to download Space Robots in color JPEG or PDF Click here to download Space Robots coloring pa