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Christmas 2015 family portraits

Merry Christmas . . . just a little late.  Christmas time is always my busiest season, when I receive the most orders. And this year was my busiest by far. Thanks for your support for my little shop. It was the first time I had to turn orders away (sorry again to the few I had to).  For the whole month of December I would tuck my little children in bed and then spend all evening drawing and editing. I'll admit, there were days I was worried I bit off more than I could chew and would not finish in time, but my little family was so sweet and supportive, and let's just say we had mac & cheese with cut up hot dogs one too many times for dinner.  I closed my shop for a few weeks after Christmas to relax but I'm open again. If you would like a portrait for Valentine's Day hurry and order . I have limited spots open.  Below are some of the Christmas portraits I drew. I had so much fun drawing these and watching them come to life. I have said this many times