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Kitchen Doodle Art inspired by Julia Child

I hate cooking, I abhor cooking, I detest cooking. What other word can I use? How about just simply I'm terrible at cooking! Wait! That is probably why I hate cooking! If you follow my instagram account "springtimedoodles" you can see my doodles but you also see my history of cooking fails. "My apologies to the church Christmas party. Looks like the Oreo pie I made wont be attending the party tonight. She's a hot mess." I was craving my mom's homemade chocolate chip cookies. Yep, nailed it! In case you couldn't guess, mine are on the left. My mom's are on the right. They were rock hard within 10 seconds of cooling. Sometimes my children are so very thoughtful and try to help with my kitchen fails. Like the time my toddler spilled a whole bottle of cayenne pepper. I don't even know why I have cayenne pepper. What do you put it in??  And on the slight occasion I don't burn something I flip out. Quite literally. Forc