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Christmas portraits 2016

It's that time of year again when I can finally post the Christmas portraits I drew the last few months. It's always my busiest time of year and I really appreciate your support and love making new friends from all over! I say this every time, but I mean it every time. I feel so close to these families when I draw them. I look at their pictures, trying to get the hair, clothes and hobbies just right, and after several hours I feel like I know them and feel like we are best friends. Even if I already know that family, I feel like I know them and love them even more. That probably just sounded stalkerish, but it's true. I love these dear families and I believe every family is beautiful. This rad family is my sister-in-law. I loved all the details she asked for. Each person has something that represents them, and her arms are full holding her family that she loves so much. Oh and their momma and baby cow. They are certainly part of the family.  I love the Cook f

Valentine's Day printables Honey Buns & Wild Thing

  How is everyone handling the winter blues?  Random story #1 When I die and go to heaven I have a list of moments from this wonderful life I would like St. Peter to replay for me. #23 will be January 9, 2017 at 7:34am when I walked outside and promptly slipped on our frozen icy front step. I performed a crazy acrobatic move in .01 seconds and landed on my back. After I gained my composure I couldn't even stand, I was falling and flailing everywhere. The worst part was there was no one to enjoy it. I was dying and wheezing from laughing but no one could join with me. My neighbors were all wisely in their warm homes. I've tried to explain it to my children and husband, and even showed them my bruised back but it's just not as funny. I can't wait for St Peter to show me that instant replay. I just know we are going to laugh, watch it over and over again together and slap each other on the back it's so funny. So in other words, y