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Valentine's Day cards 2017

I love love love Valentine's Day cards. But I don't love mushy sappy Valentine's Day cards. That's just wrong. A Valentine's Day card should make you chuckle, giggle, or at least make your mouth grin on one side. And if you still want something sentimental you should write it yourself inside one of my funny cards. Right? These cards are available on my etsy shop with lots more, take a look around! (etsy shop link) wait for it . . . You could delivery this to your sweetheart with a plate of sticky buns, cinnamon buns or just with your buns.  My sister and I had a heated discussion about this card. I made a boy version to give my husband. But do you give your husband the boy or girl card? I was thinking you would give a man the boy card because he is the baker, but my sister thinks you would give your husband the girl card because you are giving it to him. As you can tell we have very intellectual conversations, so just give