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Free printables - school posters "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody"

I found this quote and it really touched me.  "Some children will be unresponsive, maybe you can't teach them yet. But you can love them. And if you love them today, maybe you can teach them tomorrow." Jeffrey R Holland I love children. They are precious and amazing. I have seen this work over and over again. When a child feels loved, he or she will respond more to you.  Whether you are a teacher or not, you influence children. Love your neighborhood children, give them high fives, hug your nieces and nephews, tell then they are amazing. Give that mom at the store, who is frantically trying to finish back to school shopping, a smile that says "You can do it!" (That mom is me, I always wait until the last minute, ugggg!) With back to school I wanted to draw this for teachers and parents.  Click here to download the  JPEG  or  PDF  version.  The size is square, great for 8x8, 12x12, etc.  My sister is a secretary at an elementary school

Teacher gift - FREE reading printables

This week is teacher appreciation week!! Let's thank our teachers! I use to help out once a week in my child's class for an hour and when I came home I needed a nap. Not even kidding. Hats off to these amazing teachers! I made these little 5x7 quotes for my niece's school classroom . Several people asked if they could print them for gifts for their children's teachers. So here you go!! The size is 5x7, but it should work for other sizes too. Print this off, put inside a cute frame, and wa-la, all done! Like always, if you have any trouble, just email me and I'll email you the files.  Here are past teacher gift ideas. Teacher questionnaires - one of my favorites  Thanks for helping us GROW - card for flower, hand soap and bookmark   Sink into a good book Click here for JPEG file Get Losssst in a good book Click here for JPEG file   We are WILD about reading Click here for the JPEG file   Reading is un-BEE-lie

Loss and small moments of peace and hope

I wanted to share something personal today.  This weekend was my due date for our baby girl. Sadly several months ago I had a miscarriage and lost this sweet baby. This was my 3rd miscarriage in 3 years. For some reason, that doctors and many tests don't know, I can no longer carry a baby past my 2nd trimester. At my 12 week appointment everything looks great, and then at some point in my 2nd trimester the baby stops growing and in a very quiet room the ultrasound technician will become very quiet as she searches for a heartbeat and I know just by her face that we lost our baby. Three times this has happened and each time it is heartbreaking and devastating. Time stands still in that very small room as all our hopes, dreams and plans are instantly lost. It's a loss that I still can't put into words. A cloud of sadness that has never left me and sits on my shoulder at all times. Over the past 7 years I have drawn probably a dozen or more baby announcements. It's one o

Personalized Valentine's Day Cards - FREE printable

I am so excited to share these little personalized Valentine's Day cards! Simply print, color and cut. Find the person that matches your friend, write their name down, and then add your name.   Click here to download the JPEG or PDF file for Valentine's Day cards     I also made bigger versions for boys and girls that say "Happy Valentine's Day."  Here are some examples I added with color.     My 5 year old loved coloring these to match her friends. But she declared that she will be giving "Shimmer & Shine" (a kids cartoon) Valentine's Day cards on the actual Valentine's Day. ha ha! I guess I can't compete with store bought Valentine's Day cards, but these are still so fun to print and color.  Click here to download the JPEG or PDF file for BOY Valentine's Day cards  Click here to download the JPEG or PDF file for GIRL Valentine's Day cards   For persona

Christmas / Holiday portraits of 2017

All of November & December I stocked up on chocolate and then drew every spare moment to finish all my orders for Christmas / Hanukkah. Thank you again to all who supported me and my little doodle business. I absolutely loved drawing your families and most importantly making dear friends across the United States and the world in the process. If you are ever in the area, visiting Idaho or Yellowstone National park (just a couple hours from my home) you have a place to stay. My home is always open to you! I thought it might be fun to write some of my customer's reactions when I sent their portrait. I loved drawing this wreath and this adorable family. They used this for their Christmas cards. The wife said, "Our card got a great response! Thank you!!" I LOVED drawing Amy and her beautiful family. I hope it's okay to share this. Amy wrote the sweetest message when she ordered her portrait. She recently separated and this would be their fi