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Christmas / Holiday portraits of 2017

All of November & December I stocked up on chocolate and then drew every spare moment to finish all my orders for Christmas / Hanukkah. Thank you again to all who supported me and my little doodle business. I absolutely loved drawing your families and most importantly making dear friends across the United States and the world in the process. If you are ever in the area, visiting Idaho or Yellowstone National park (just a couple hours from my home) you have a place to stay. My home is always open to you! I thought it might be fun to write some of my customer's reactions when I sent their portrait. I loved drawing this wreath and this adorable family. They used this for their Christmas cards. The wife said, "Our card got a great response! Thank you!!" I LOVED drawing Amy and her beautiful family. I hope it's okay to share this. Amy wrote the sweetest message when she ordered her portrait. She recently separated and this would be their fi