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Teacher Appreciate gift ideas

It’s teacher appreciation week!! I’ll be honest. I’m tired. I’m worn out.  😅  If I was packing school lunches it would be bread and maybe a carrot stick. No drink though, because they can just go to the drinking fountain. But I’m not even doing that. I just started paying for school hot lunch. But guess what? I guarantee our teachers are even more tired. So I can must up a little more energy to write a note and really thank them. Buy a treat and tie a cheesy note to it, or maybe  a gift card. And guess what? Back when I had more energy I made a crap load of cheesy notes, and lots of cheesy ideas on this blog. So below are some of my favorite ideas.  (click on blue link to go to original post to download the free printables) Teacher questionnaire - kids filled out these for their teacher and bound into book. So hilarious and special   Tags for flowers, soap, bookmarks and more - I had a lot of energy the year I made this. Lots of great printables to quickly slap