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God's Love - in memory of Nate

Today marks 1 year since my sweet nephew passed away. Nate was born with a rare chromosomal disorder and had many special needs. He was not expected to live past birth but he did, and lived for 10 years. He was a miracle. Nate never walked, or talked, he had a feeding tube and oxygen. Some might have only seen what he couldn't do, but those that knew him, knew his cute chuckle, giggle and special growl. Everyone that came in contact with him was touched by his special spirit, his family, friends, every teacher, aid and therapists came away influenced by him.  Last year Nate was in and out of the hospital many times, his sweet body was breaking down. A week before he passed my brother called me and let me know his time was coming soon to a close. My brother asked me to come out to Kansas, where they live, to help with their other children before Nate passed away. My sister and another brother booked our tickets the next day, and flew to Kansas. I don't know how to put into wor