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Special news & updated family portrait

We had a very special and exciting summer. Whenever anyone asks our 6 year old daughter what we did this summer, she responds . . . "We had a baby!"  In July we were finally able to have our long awaited baby, a sweet 9 pound baby boy.  Last year I shared in  this blog post  about our three miscarriages in the last few years.  This was the portrait I started to draw to announce our new baby in 2015, that we lost to miscarriage. I never got to finish this portrait. After the third miscarriage in 2017 we had decided that we were done. We have 3 beautiful children and we wanted to enjoy and love them, and not wish away the days. However there was this image of my 3 children hold their new baby brother or sister that I could not shake from my mind. It was so vivid. We felt like crazy people but decided to try one more time. It was a very stressful, and emotionally exhausting pregnancy, but in July we welcomed our miracle baby.  What a beautiful gift this swe