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General Conference Giant Coloring Page

My giant coloring posters are ready for this weekend!! Twice a year my church has a world wide conference where they share messages of God's love for us, hope and encouragement. I truly enjoy it.  We sit in our PJs while we listen, eat lots of snacks and often take drives up into the mountains to look at the beautiful changing leaves.  But. . .  sometimes listening to conference can be hard for little ones. I have found that coloring activities are the family favorite, even for us adults. These posters are fun for the whole family to sit around and color different parts, or each child can have their own to color.  HOW TO PRINT:  Click here for the link to my etsy shop. It's a digital download that you purchase. Once purchased you can download it and then take the file (flash drive) or email the file to your local print shop (Alpha Graphics, Kinkos, Staples, Fedex, etc). Ask for an ENGINEER PRINT! Ask them to size it to 24"x36" or