About Spring

Hi there, my name is Spring . . .  yep it really is. And this is my little doodle space!

(Feel free to follow my adventures & doodles on Instagram & Facebook. I post there more frequently than on here. )

I am from the great state of Idaho and have a rad husband and three especially rad children.

I started doodling as a child and teenager. And then picked it up again to entertain my children. One day a cute neighbor girl came over and saw one of my doodles and asked me to draw her family. I did and loved it. Ever since then I have been drawing family portraits. I started this blog as a way to share children puppets, silly sarcastic cards, Chuck Norris jokesDon't Eat Pete games, with friends and family and have been very amazed where it has taken me and how I have grown.  

Why the title "Spring Time Treats?" My husband has many, I mean many, nicknames for me, but his first nickname for me was Spring Time, and while I'm a terrible cook, I think of my doodles as hopefully "Treats" I can share (because you really don't want to try anything I bake). 

I changed the name to Spring Time Doodles just to make it a little clearer what I do. Some things say Spring Time Treats, and others say Spring Time Doodles, same person, same business, same Spring.

These little cuties are what encourage me to doodle . . . and distract me from doodling. 

Pictures and doodle ideas are for personal use only, NOT for resale or re-distribution. Please contact me for commercial use work. If you want to use one of my pictures on your blog or site, feel free to, but please reference my blog, I appreciate it! Feel free to contact me with any questions! springmcdonald(at)gmail.com

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